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Ignacio Uriarte

Ignacio Uriarte (Krefeld, Germany) referred to his work under the generic title of “office art”. His pieces are made from commonplace office material, which brings to mind minimalist and conceptual artwork from the sixties and seventies, where repeated patterns, borrowed materials and routine behaviour came under artists’ spotlight.

Inspired by seventies brand design manuals aesthetics and just like the title of the show, the concept of the exhibition catalog design draws upon the search for a balanced content structure sequence combining full shoots and close-ups of the artworks that enhance the characteristic patterns in Uriarte's work. The catalog is presented with a minimalistic typographic cover using the classic Akzidenz Grotesk: A sequence of letters that reveals the title of the exhibition: 'sequences'.

Secuencias (sequences). Ignacio Uriarte solo exhibition in Sala Polvorín (Pamplona)
Art direction, design and production: Rebeka Arce Studio
Photography: Bego Solís
First edition, printed in Spain. Spanish-Basque.

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