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We got contacted by the production company Begira to give them a new brand platform, visual identity, digital presence and communication tools.

Begira is a fresh multidisciplinary production company creating innovative audiovisual projects and unique visual experiences. The team explores uncharted territories doing things differently with compromise and dedication.

Begira in basque means ‘To look’. We found out there are a lot of optical stores in the Basque Country called ‘Begira’. That´s why we decided to create a visual identity that plays with this dual sense of visual for both optical and audiovisual industry.

The brand strategy was translated into a playful visual identity focused on the universe of the optical graphics. The typographic logo concept is based on the LogMAR chart. This eye chart comprises rows of letters and is used by ophthalmologists to estimate visual acuity.

Begira identity has a symbol based on the capital letter B building the shape of a pair of glasses. This symbol can be used over images in promotional campaigns, as an icon in digital applications or as a recognizable icon in social networks, giving Begira’s identity a more playful, fresh and dynamic visual system.

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