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Forbidden Colours Label

We were commissioned by Madrid-based electronic artist Bruma, to art direct and design his first studio album 'Far From Me'. Bruma conceives his music as a means to translate emotions into sounds, and each song on his album reflects a state of mind or emotional process experienced throughout the four years the album creation process lasted. That's why we used emotions as the main concept to create the artwork, translating Bruma's harmonious and semi-ambient sound journey through the twists and turns of landscape electronics and warm vocal melodies into a strong visual narrative.

The artwork is based on blurry gradients inspired by a Finnish scientific study that correlates body temperature with different types of emotions, where scientists worked to induce a range of emotions by exposing more than 700 participants to a variety of videos and stories. Then, using pictures of human bodies, people were asked to map out areas that felt different after viewing each piece of material. The researchers were surprised to discover that all the participants held incredibly similar answers, even across different cultures.

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