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Matadero Madrid

Matadero Madrid Art Center, in collaboration with Mahou, presents PIEL Festival, within the programming of La Plaza en Otoño. PIEL Festival showcases a series of artists that connect both in their sound aesthetics, defined from the experimental, as well as in an extremely marked emotional depth. Piel means 'Skin' in Spanish.

The skin is a protective barrier, but also a sensitive organ. A first contact with the external world, and a measure of the personal sensitivity towards the environment. The skin mediates in perception, but also in emotion. PIEL Festival wants to highlight the importance of the most primary aspects of sound creation, the initial moment from which the expression of conflicts or internal narratives, those that can not be expressed through other languages, starts.

That moment in which the emotion has not yet been transformed into structure, and in which still prevails the purely physiological as opposed to the rational. They are the artists who work on sound from that moment, prioritizing introspection and developing a conceptual search based on the emotional processes.

Featured on Creative Boom, 25 gramos, Graffica

Art Direction & Design: Rebeka Arce Studio
3D art direction: Nico Castro
2D animation: Pau Codina
Music: Pedro Portellano
Curator: Pedro Portellano
Photos: Matadero Madrid / Bego Solís

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