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Villallón Studio

Villalón Studio is the interior design office founded by María Villalón, who commissioned us to create a visual narrative for expressing the new brand positioning that could potentially differentiate their work and tell a story across all the elements of the identity, putting mystery and consciousness as the main axes of communication.

People create space, space modifies people. Place and context determines our behaviour while an an empty space never returns to its original state once a person has lived in it.We got inspired by the relation between humans and space and how the space becomes acknowledge and transformed by the action that takes place, and this is exactly what differentiates a space from a habitat. The visual narrative we created for Villalón Studio aims to reflect this idea of inhabited spaces.
The acute accent on the letter O of the logo leaves a mark within that space, expressing the idea of an inhabited space in a non-literal, simple and recognisable way.

Creative & Art Direction: Arce Studio
Brand Strategy: Almadás
Graphic design: Rebeka Arce & Paloma Baldrich
UX-UI Design: Eva Sánchez Clemente
Web development: Heriberto Noguera
Animation: Lucía Peralta
Photography: Lucía Peralta & Rebeka Arce
Style: Fede Pouso
Client: Villalón Studio

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